Copa Star Bringing More Income to Rio de Janeiro

There are not many hospitals that can testify they concentrate on luxury and comfort of their patients. But, Copa Star is a hospital with a difference. Just as the name insinuates, this is where stars come to receive treatment. They have set themselves apart by offering unmatched quality in the healthcare industry.

They say that a company is only as good as its employees. And, you can tell by the employees of Copa Star that this hospital excels in service delivery. The company employs more than 500 staff. The hospital excels in recruitments. They have a great team of professionals, representing every function. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

If you happen to be admitted to the hospital, you will hardly differentiate the difference of being in a five-star hotel and being in a hospital. First, even with private suits allocated to each patient, you will never get bored. There are cameras overlooking the streets. They give you a live feed of what is going on outside. Also, the screens in the ICU rooms serve as windows, so you always have a view of what is going on outside.

To keep you entertained, the hospital has setup wireless internet. This is to enhance communication between you and your family and friends. They also provide patients with iPads. These are used to alert nurses and doctors when you need them to attend to you. Instead of moving in pain just to get a doctor to attend to you, Copa Star provides you with a smart phone so that doctors are just a call away.

The hospital has employed Swedish professional chefs in their on-site restaurant. The chefs ensure that patients and their visitors are treated to delicious meals, packed with vital nutrients to get you in good health in the shortest time possible.

One thing that will attract you to this hospital is the architectural design. It cost the D’or Network a whopping R$400 million, so you can imagine what the hospital looks like. The inside is a beauty to reckon, and from the outside, the lighting pulls you like magnet.

Having discussed luxury and comfort, you are probably wondering what the hospital has to offer in terms of treatment. First, there are enough rooms. Over 150 private suits. Then there 9 surgical rooms. These are equipped with the latest technology, allowing surgeons to consult leading surgeons on complex issues. There also are 150 Intensive Care Units for the critical patients who need the support to keep breathing.

Today, Rio de Janeiro can compete with other states, in terms of its healthcare industry. Now people don’t have to go to Sao Paulo to get lucrative healthcare facilities.

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How Entrepreneurs Like Hussain Sajwani Build The World

One of the best types of entrepreneurs for people to deal with are those that are building. It doesn’t matter if they are building websites or building other things for people to use. One thing that they are doing is putting together something that is useful. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: and

The methods that they use to build something depends on the item that they are building. One person that is a really good builder is Hussain Sajwani. He is the owner of DAMAC Group. He builds a lot of commercial and residential property. In order to build his property, he comes up with some of the best designs that people can appreciate.

One of the aspects of his design that make it stand out from others is that they are really safe for people to be in. After all, the materials that buildings are made of tend to be very heavy and large. Therefore, it is important for people to be able to dwell the buildings without worrying about any hazards.

Hussain is one of the builders that make sure that the pieces of property he designs are safe. After all, he has standards to meet when he designs his buildings. Therefore, he makes sure that the designs are practical as well as unique.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most creative entrepreneurs in his field. He does not settle for the same tired designs. He thinks about some new designs that he could use in order to bring forth something that is unique and within the safety standards.

The DAMAC owner is also willing and able to make sure that he can give people who use the property that he builds some of the best views imaginable. Therefore, many corporations or clients always go to DAMAC Group for their projects and other plans that they have.

Roberto Santiago Develops In His Home State To Bring Prosperity

Roberto Santiago is one of the foremost developers in all of Brazil, and he has spent much of his life building new places where the people may come to work and live. He believes in growing the country from the ground up, and he will do so using a number of options that he believes are far superior to what is found anywhere else. This article speaks of the new shopping mall he is building, and it talks of how he may use it as a springboard for the work he plans to do in the future. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

#1: Why Is The Shopping Mall Necessary?

Shopping malls are places where cash flows, and they will offer a number of jobs to the community that are not available any other way. There are many businesses that will move in at the same time, and they all must hire if they wish to run their businesses properly. The work that is done in the shopping mall is a small part of a larger community that is grown by the business community, and Roberto is merely starting something much larger.

#2: The Mall Will Invite More Businesses

Businesses that are coming to the area will be quite interested in building around the mall because of its size. They will be located in a central part of the state, and they will have access to all the people they need to hire to manage their companies. A business that wishes to find more people to work for them will notice there is high value in what Roberto Santiago and his team have built. He is building a large mall that is bigger than anything in the state, and he is sure to help create jobs.

#3: Roberto’s Mission

Roberto has a mission that will ensure everyone in Brazil is living and working properly. They will have better places to live when they find jobs in the community, and they will have nicer places to work that will entice them to move. Roberto has built a bit of everything in Brazil, and he will continue to do so until the country lives well on all fronts. The development that he does will touch people with a new job, or it will help them find a place to live.

The work of Roberto Santiago is quite important as it brings jobs and prosperity to a country that is growing after many years of development. He will help create jobs in Paraiba, and he may continue to do so after the mall is finished. He will ask everyone in the community to come out to the mall, and he will make it a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Why Whitney Wolfe Is The Person To Learn From?

In the world of online dating, the biggest struggle is knowing how to properly get on the right site or app and really get in touch with people. Removing that barrier of fear when it comes down to dating is always tough.

There’s a big hurdle to overcome when it comes down to it, and this is why Whitney Wolfe co-created apps like Tinder and App. She cofounded both apps, and she is proud to see how far both have come. She left Tinder back in the day because of disagreements with the other creators, and so she set out to work on her own thing, which ended up becoming the beauty of Bumble.

Bumble is a classy dating app. Whitney Wolfe says it’s a lot more personable in comparison to other dating apps on the market right now. The app has created more relationships than others mainly because it gives a more sincere genuine approach to life and the world. Bumble is very well respected for what they have to offer, and they set their site up to create a place to find dates and also empower women.

Bumble is the app that actually encourages for women to stand up and be the one in control of potential relationships. The app allows for women to actually grow their power and be in control on getting to decide who they want to speak to. After swiping right on each other, the woman must be first on deciding who they want to send a message to. Bumble is by far a very respected and professional app that really can get people to creating legitimate relationships. It’s very well thought out and really creates a sense of sincerity when it comes down to online dating. You can trust Whitney Wolfe to create a great place like Bumble to get more out of your dating experience.

The Success of Todd Lubar – Baltimore Businessman

Todd Lubar has become well known in different fields and his performance in real estate did not go unnoticed. According to, in Baltimore, the effect of the real estate emergency keeps on resonating, yet to an ever increasing extent, the industry is showing signs that it’s beginning to make a rebound. Last April, bank-parleyed deals, which are mostly foreclosures, dropped by an expected 7 percent in the Baltimore metro area contrasted with the prior year. The homes additionally went for greater costs. Since the state encountered an improvement in its badly performing market division, the middle home deals cost in Baltimore and five of its encompassing regions ascended by around 6 percent since April, 2015 to May, 2016. The median cost hit $243,000, which is the greatest mark since 2008.

Todd Lubar began his real estate profession in 1995 subsequent to moving on from Syracuse University after pursuing Speech Communication Bachelor’s Degree. Between his interest with each part of the business and his yearning to help other people, Todd realized that he had a place in the area of real estate. The journey in the sector started while working as a loan originator with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While there, he turned into a specialist in the methods for conservative mortgage banking, something he considered as a precious affair.

Subsequent to putting his efforts of 12 years in the real estate industry, Todd found that there was a whole gathering of underserved customers. This disclosure prompted to his choice to build up Legendary Financial, LLC, which is a partner of Legendary Properties. Under the money related division, Todd loans to people and organizations, permitting him to get to the individuals who are probably going to be neglected by customary loaning sources. Since Todd has been included in more than 7,000 real estate and loaning exchanges, he can survey the danger of for all intents and purposes any credit circumstance to settle on the proper loaning choices. In 2007 and 2008, he got to be distinctly engaged in different business fields including recycling of automatic scrap metal and commercial demolition. For those interesting in taking after Todd Lubar strategies, will work to get it going. His advance ability joined with his real estate ability has permitted him to help many individuals satisfy the fantasy of becoming home owners.

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How can Kate Hudson challenge Amazon?

Kate Hudson, established Hollywood star and model, is now the spokesperson and substantial investor in a new company: Fabletics. The name is a play on “fabulous” and “athletics” and, appropriately, debuted with an astonishing line of quality fitness wear.


In recent years, Amazon has captured 20% of the Ecommerce clothing business…and Fabletics wants a piece of that action.


You may think that, armed only with spandex, how can Fabletics pose any kind of threat to Amazon, retailer to the entire universe? Their approach is based on some old and some new notions.


Subscription Shopping

Fabletics wants all customers to be VIP customers – in this case that is literal. Fabletics calls its subscription service a VIP club and that club is open to members with every purchase.


Since subscriptions bring to mind piles of unread, unboxed books, endless stacks of magazines no one has read, and piles of odd food stuffs no one has time to eat, Fabletics had to find a way to sell subscriptions in a very attractive manner. Indeed, they seem to have developed an approach that is nearly impossible to resist.


Fabletics offers new customers an incredible deal to subscribe, such as an entire fitness outfit for $20 or two pair of fabulous leggings for a similar price. Certainly some customers accept membership and the great intro deal intending to terminate membership as soon as possible. However, Fabletics is counting on keeping customers with excellent products, excellent customer service and remarkable fashions at most attractive prices.



Fabletics customers are customers looking for a unique look; they don’t want to enter the gym to find every person in the room dressed identically to them in this week’s super sale outfit. Fabletics goes beyond simply providing fitness clothing. Fabletics adds a customization angle that Amazon doesn’t offer.


When customers register to become VIP members, they take a short quiz on their exercise habits, fitness clothing preferences and styles. This is the foundation for their curated clothing collection. Fabletics stylists select subsequent shipments based on this initial information and the data from their subsequent purchases, returns and habits.


Using this method, each customer remains a unique individual and Fabletics seeks to meet their needs and taste with each shipment.


Customer Service

Sure, Amazon does its best in terms of customer service, but it cannot offer the public the customer support Fabletics has designed. Returns are cheerfully accepted and replaced with new product or store credit or credit, depending on the details of the exchange. Additionally, Fabletics takes the fear out of subscription by including an easy-out clause. You do not have to remain in the club one moment longer than you desire. These two aspects of customer service place Fabletics in a different league from Amazon.


All the Best

Fabletics does not wish Amazon any harm. There is enough business to go around; Fabletics just desires the opportunity to serve the customers suited to their service as best they can. No harm, no foul, right?

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Evolution Of Smooth Lip Balms For Health And Beauty

We have advanced greatly in both knowledge and the development of products that protect our bodies from the elements as well as enhance our natural beauty. In 1829, Lydia Maria Child recommended the use of ear wax as the best natural protection for lips in her book “The American Frugal Housewife”. Now the Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has been producing a natural line of lip balms, hand and body lotions, and shaving creams at affordable prices since 2006. Their natural lip balms contain antioxidant rich vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. EOS lip balms are delightfully flavored and users experience its immediate effects.

Unlike many product lines that promise premium ingredients such as nourishing vitamins and natural condition oils, EOS can be found at Ulta, Walmart, Target, Amazon and many retail outfits, which make it the best selling lip balm on the market. Another unique aspect of EOS lip balm is the packaging. It can be purchased in sticks like other lip balms that have been on the market since the late 1880s, but it spherical shaped, colorful packaging also adds a stylish touch to lip care. According to the Vice President of Marketing Sherry Jhawar, EOS put as much time and thought into the packaging as they did the formula. The results of their market research led the company to a great product that moisturizes, protect, has beautiful colors, delicious flavors,, is efficient in application by covering both lips in a single swipe. Customers also appreciate the texture of feel of it.

A list endorsements and visibility in music videos has also help EOS lip balm gain popularity. The product’s affordable price point and pictures of celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff, as well as its visibility in Jennifer Lopez and Miley Cyrus videos, has placed it before the eyes of those who will rush out to buy it as well as remain loyal because it does live up to its reputation. You can also enjoy the benefits offered by the Evolution of Smooth product line and experience softer, smoother moist lips year round.