Elysium Health Creates Supplement to Support Health on the Cellular Level

Cellular respiration is the basis of all of life’s processes. So fundamental is this set of chemical reactions to the existence of life itself that every living organism undergoes it, from the smallest prokaryotic bacteria all the way to giant baleen whales.

As one might guess, cellular respiration is also implicated heavily in the overall health of organisms. This is particularly true as they age, a process that inevitably leads to lowered cellular health and less efficient cellular respiration. It follows that if there were some way to maintain or affect cellular health, even at only a slightly higher level, overall cellular health could be supported.

Cellular health is key to overall health

Elysium Health, one of the most innovative supplement companies in decades, was founded on the general principle that overall health starts with good cellular health. Founded by MIT scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente, the company’s first product, Basis, is a nutritional supplement that takes advantage of hard science to engineer the means by which people can maintain a high level of cellular health, even as they age.

Basis operates through NAD+ levels. One of the key components of cellular respiration, a molecule known as NAD+, is produced at much diminished rates as organisms age.

Now, with Basis, Elysium is bringing to market a way by which the average consumer can increase their own levels of NAD+. Using an NAD+ precursor, known as nicotinamide riboside, Basis allows the body itself to synthesize large amounts of the molecule by making the basic ingredients used in its synthesis readily and widely available within the bloodstream. Basis also contains a potent polyphenol called pterostilbene, which is very similar in composition and effect to the famous substance resveratrol, the key ingredient in wine that is hypothesized to lead to that beverage’s protective effects.

As revolutionary as Elysium Health’s first product is, Guarente says that his organization is just getting started. Guarente plans on creating many more products that take advantage of state-of-the-art knowledge from the health industry and apply that knowledge to concrete means by which the public may be able to enjoy better overall cellular health.

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