Joel Friant Helps People Realize They Can Use Habaneros Successfully

Many people may like spicy food but may have not ever wanted to put habaneros in their food because of the issues that can come from using it. In addition to the peppers getting in their eyes while they are cutting them up, those who are using them may struggle to put the right amount in the food. One too many habaneros can ruin a dish because of how spicy they are. Joel Friant realized that but he also realized the peppers could be a great thing. He wanted people to use them without the problems that came from trying to use them and that’s where the idea for the Habanero Shaker came from. He knew it would be the best thing possible for people who liked spicy food and that’s what allowed him to make all the choices he did while he was marketing it. It helped him save time by going out of his way to make the right type of food.

After he had spent many years trying to make sure he was helping people, he finally found a business plan that would work for him. Real estate investing wasn’t the way to go and that was not what he wanted to do. In fact, he didn’t make nearly as much money doing that as he did with the Habanero Shaker. For Joel Friant, this was something he would need to try to make better and something he would have to do his best to bring improvements to if he was going to make things easier on his customers.

The Habanero Shaker wasn’t always successful, though. Joel Friant had to take a break from it to make sure it was up to the standards he wanted. When he decided to bring it back on the market, there was a huge surge in people who wanted it. They wanted to try it out so they could do different things and that’s what allowed them the chance to make sure they were enjoying the shaker. He also made sure the Habanero Shaker was priced right the second time around.



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